Todas quieren ser como Edie

 Quién no ha soñado alguna vez en su adolescencia con ser como Edie Sedgwick, vivir rápido dejando tras de ti un estela que por más tiempo que pase, nunca se apagará.

"it's worth being a public fool if that's all you can be in order to communicate yourself"

Edie Sedgwick


I don’t know how she did it. Fire
She was shaking all over. 
It took her hours to put her make-up on.
But she did it. 
Even the false eye-lashes.
She ordered gin with triple limes.
Then a limosine. 
Everyone knew she was the real heroine of
Blonde on Blonde.
oh it isn’t fair
oh it isn’t fair
how her ermine hair turned men around
she was white on white
so blonde on blonde
and her long long legs
how I used to beg to dance with her
but I never had a chance with her
oh it isn’t fair
how her ermine hair used to swing so nice
used to cut the air how all the men
used to dance with her
I never got a chance with her
though I really asked her down deep
where you do really dream
in the mind reading love
I’d get inside her move
and we’d turn around
and she’d turn around
and turn the head of everyone in town
her shaking shaking glittering bones
second blonde child after brian jones
oh it isn’t fair
how I dreamed of her
and she slept
and she slept forever
and I’ll never dance with her no never
she broke down like a baby
like a baby girl
like a lady
with ermine hair
oh it isn’t fair
and I’d like to see her rise again
her white white bones with baby brian jones
baby brian jones
like blushing baby dolls.

"Edie Sedgwick", Patty Smith